UBC undergrad interested in bioinformatics, computational biology, and statistics.

Hello and welcome to my site (:

I’m Sharan, a fourth-year undergrad pursuing a major in Microbiology and a minor in Statistics. After university, I hope to pursue further research in bioinformatics… or really any field where I can apply my programming know-how to answer questions in the sciences. Outside of school, I love to bike, go hiking, discuss politics, cook, and pretty much everything else. If any of that sounds interesting, reach out to me on Discord or via email at

This website serves as my blog, my home base, my little garden on the internet. It is inspired by the early days of the internet, before everything became so corporate and monetized… back when real people around the world kept their own, unique websites and spent hours meticulously editing it to reflect their personality and interests.

I want it to be more than a digital business card, more than just a CV/resume. This is a site I’d like to fill with my thoughts and ramblings and recipes and opinions on film and media for the world to read and browse through.

P.S. this site does work on mobile but check it out on desktop for the best viewing experience.