UBC undergrad interested in bioinformatics, computational biology, and statistics.

• 7 min read

My LaTeX formatting workflow

Learn about the tools I use for making LaTeX documents and how it's changed over the years.

• 3 min read

Making vaccine passports less of a pain

I figured out how to add my vaccine passport to Apple Pay and access it really easily. Here's how.

• 4 min read

My first year credits explained

I'm just explaining my graduation track... which courses I need to take and which I don't.

• 2 min read

My grand plans for the future

My list of ambitions for the future. This is what I hope to accomplish in the next few years, upon graduation, and with my life, overall.

• 2 min read

How I organize my stuff in university

Discover the system that I use to keep track of my assignments and classwork.